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Victor Chandler Games – Will South Africa Get Them Next Year?

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010 / By

Contrary to what we have been hearing in South Africa, that playing at online casinos is illegal. Victor Chandler Games still seems certain they will be granted an online gambling license for their brand in this country next year. He reckons his company will be one of the first to be granted an e-gaming license in SA, and we all wish him good luck. Someone has to open the doors of this massive industry here to us out in the backwoods of Johannesburg and the rest of the country.

As his announcement follows in the Wake of Piggs Peak online gambling being banned. He has more confidence than I have, but then again he has also got more know-how than I have, and he thinks he is at the head of the queue (he doesn’t know South Africa like I do!). In the meantime if you live in the UK, you have got no problems playing with this well-known brand name and if you take a look at Victor Chandler games, you might be pleasantly surprised. I know, I know, I live in South Africa, and I am not supposed to be gambling online, but I was just looking, I promise.

Actually Victor Chandler Games is already accredited in RSA by the Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board, and they already operate a sports betting site, which is allowed in this country.
Take advantage of some of the great games at this site, and think of us poor misbegotten souls in darkest Africa. Please let this God of gambling bring some light, where till now we have only had dark. Check it out; you can get three great sites for the price of one, 100’s of great games and a £175 Welcome Bonus. All we get is arrested if we want to play a bloody slots game online. It’s a crying shame!

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