Cookie Policy

Cookies are very small files that are downloaded to your computer and are used by many top websites to improve your visit. Cookies gather information, which those running the website will then use to improve aspects of the website; sometimes, cookies may be stored for future use.

A lot of websites use cookies provided by third parties to gather information on people visiting the site. Google Analytics is a good example of a third-party cookie many websites use; what this does is it keeps track of what pages you visit and how long you spend on each page. Websites using Google Analytics can then tailor their content offerings so that you get to see more of what you want to see and less of what you don’t want to see. Even though there are other cookies similar to Google Analytics, you’ll find that Google Analytics is one of the most commonly used cookies of its type because it is exceptionally reliable and trustworthy.

How are cookies used?

Cookies may also be used to track the success of different advertising methods. Third-party websites may advertise new slot sites, for instance, and these new sites may use cookies to see where their customers are coming from. If the cookies show that the third-party site is successfully attracting customers to the slot sites, it might then provide the third-party site with some sort of credit or bonus as part of a pre-arranged deal between the two.

Another advantage of using cookies is that websites can remember whether you have subscribed to newsletters or not. You might have ticked or unticked certain notifications you wish to receive or not receive; cookies make the website remember this information.

Most websites that use cookies won’t be able to offer particular features or functions if you choose not to accept cookies. When you visit a site that uses cookies, you will usually be prompted with a message informing you that the site does use cookies and asking whether you wish to proceed. It is possible to disable cookies or simply not accept them, though if you choose to do this, a website might not function as it should.

Disabling Cookies

To disable cookies, you can adjust your browser’s settings. However, it isn’t recommended that you do this because most websites will not function as they should, and many will not even let you access their homepage unless you accept the use of cookies.

Many people do get concerned about cookies because they think that what they’re doing on the internet is being tracked and that their personal information is being sold to companies. The truth is that cookies are very tiny files that are designed to make websites more customised. If a website you’ve never been on before is able to greet you by name, that neat little trick is done by cookies. If you go to an online casino and you see the games you usually play first, again, it’s because of cookies.

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