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A new name, and a new game – It’s Bet Victor

Thursday, February 7th, 2013 / By


It wasn’t too long ago that the great Victor Chandler online gambling company was a name we all knew. Now however, Victor Chandler are gone; although not so much that they no longer exist. In their place is the new Bet Victor, and along with their new name, there are some new welcome bonus offers designed to entice players into this classic online slots site too.


Open only to residents of the United Kingdom and Ireland is an exclusive no deposit required bonus at Bet Victor. By creating an account with the online games site and clicking on the list of “participating games” you will see a free ten pound bonus button at the bottom of the games page. You can begin playing and your wagers will be subtracted from this free tenner. This money is a great way to decide if you wish to continue playing, and make a deposit of your own at the games site formerly known as Victor Chandler.


Of course if you do decide to wager a deposit, you won’t miss a beat. Bet Victor also has a welcome bonus on offer you, which offers players £25 when they wager £500, an additional £50 when they wager a grand and a half, and total of £100 when they have £3000 or more. All in all, you can pick up £175 with your wagers at Bet Victor.


Unfortunately, the catch with this welcome bonus is that all of your wagers must be met within 30 days of signing up at Bet Victor, which unless you are big high rolling player, is unlikely.


Bet Victor does compensate for this though by offering £500,000 a week in random member’s bonuses, 25 free spins on the game of the week, and by running a daily bonanza promotion.


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