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Casino Deposit Bonus

When you sign up at a casino site you’ll invariably be offered a deposit bonus. If you’ve never come across these before you’ll need to know all about them if you’re serious about your slot playing career, as virtually all sites offer them and they can make a huge difference to your net income from playing the games.

A deposit bonus, otherwise known as a welcome bonus, is an amount of money added to your player balance as soon as you make a deposit. They’re usually expressed in a percentage format, for example a 200% deposit bonus means that a £50 deposit will have another £100 added, giving you £150 to pay with. Sometimes you’ll see them expressed in monetary form as well, for example you may see something like ‘deposit £10 play with £20’, which is another way of describing a 100% deposit bonus.

If you are a high spender or high roller VIP player then you can make your money go even further. You can do this by looking for a casino that rewards higher spending players with bigger deposit bonuses, check out our High Roller Slots page for the best offers.

Bonus limits and playthrough wagering requirements

Deposit bonuses always come with an upper limit: For example you may see a bonus described as 300% up to £150. That means that if you deposit £50 you’ll get 3 times as much – or £150 – on top, but if you deposit any more you’ll still get the maximum of £150. You’re not penalised in any way for this –it’s just the operator’s way of making sure they have a control over how much free cash they give out.

Deposit bonuses also come with what’s known as a wagering, or playthrough requirements – and you need to be aware of how these work: If you want to withdraw winnings generated from a bonus or the deposit that attracted it, you need to wager an amount equal to the combined amount over and over a number of times before you can access your winnings. There’s a simple reason for making you do this: If it wasn’t required, players would simply open up accounts with slot and casino sites, claim bonuses and immediately withdraw them. Otherwise known as bonus abuse, this practice would bankrupt any site offering it without enforcing wagering restrictions, so you’ll always find that bonuses need to played through anything from 10 times to around 40 times before you can get hold of your winnings.

Here at Slotfruit we keep an eye on things like wagering requirements and regularly check player forums and use our inside contacts in the industry to ensure that only the most reputable sites make it onto out shortlists for you to use. It saves you the time and trouble of having to read endless small print, and you’ll avoid any sites that are attracting attention for the wrong reasons.

If the idea of having a wagering requirement doesn’t appeal to you, it’s worth remembering that many deposit bonuses are in fact optional: Although virtually all players take them, you can ask not to be given a bonus when you join if you wish – however, if you decide to do this we recommend getting confirmation of it by email, so that when you want to withdraw any winnings you’ve got proof to show the slot or casino site you used that you opted out of their bonus.