Responsible Gambling Trust

Responsible Gambling Trust (RGT) is a UK charity that aims to minimise the harm that may be caused by gambling. Anyone living in the UK can access the charity for help and support with gambling problems.

Preventing Harm From Gambling

RGT is an independent body funded by voluntary donations from the gambling industry in Great Britain. The charity expects to raise at least £5million per year and uses these funds to pay for education, prevention and treatment, ensuring that those who need it can access the help they need. In the year 2014/2015 £6.5million was raised with 85% of the total being spent on treatment and preventing harm from gambling. RGT also lobbies Public Health England and the NHS with the aim of making treatment for gambling addiction as readily available as that for alcohol and drugs related abuse.

Spreading Gambling Awareness

However, the charity's main aim is to make the public more aware of gambling problems and to prevent people suffering from gambling-related harm in the first place. For that reason, RGT regularly commissions research on both gambling behaviour and the effects of specific treatments available. All research aims to push forward the priorities advised by the advisory body the Responsible Gaming Strategy Board (RGSB) and agreed by the Gambling Commission.

In the past RGT has come under some criticism as the organisation has ties with the gambling industry, which raises the issue that there is potential for it not to be truly unbiased. To combat this, RGT invites government, RGSB and Gambling Commission representatives to observe its board and committee meetings. Details of how funds will be used is published annually and research is commissioned through an independent committee.

Responsible Gambling Trust is available to anyone in the UK who feels their gambling may be getting out of control. If you feel you may have a problem with gambling you can contact the National Gambling Hotline on 0808 8020 133 for confidential advice and support.




Maria Brett