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Progressive Slot Game Types

Progressive slot games are largely popular due to their bigger than average jackpots. Occasionally the jackpots can even provide enough money to significantly change your life. Every player hopes to win big and hit the jackpot when they play.

However, the likelihood of winning a progressive jackpot isn’t very high. In fact, you typically have more chance of being struck by lightning or hit by a bus than you have of winning a substantial amount of money.

Providing you have realistic expectations when playing online slots, progressive jackpot slots can be fun and there are a few different types available.

Understanding the different progressive slot games

There are three different variations of progressive slots that you can play. These include:

  • Stand alone
  • Proprietary or In house
  • Wide area

The stand-alone games are played at just one casino, or if online played at perhaps one site or network. The more people play, the higher the jackpot becomes until somebody wins. There is a meter at the front of the slot game displayed at the casino site you are playing at which clearly shows you what the current jackpot is. Out of all of the different progressive slot types, this one produces the lowest pay-outs.

With land based casino proprietary games, they have a number of different machines attached to the same system. Typically they are owned by one casino, though there are some that are linked to other casinos and these will offer larger jackpots.

Wide area progressive slots provide the life changing amounts of money. They don’t hit very often, but when they do the prize can be in the millions. They are linked to many different casinos and they are independently operated. When the jackpot is won, the casino gets a portion of the winnings.

However, it is the operator or software company that actually owns the games. The payback percentage is pretty low due to the cost that it takes to set up and link the games together.

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 Playing to win

Now you have an understanding of the different types of progressive slots available, you’ll see some are better to play on than others.

You can play on the networked slot games every now and again if you think luck may be on your side. However, if you want to win more than you lose, it’s better to stick to the smaller jackpots.

Stand-alone progressive slots will give you the biggest chance of winning. Yes the amounts are small, but the more frequent pay-out’s mean you have a chance to win more than you lose.

You could even try your luck at the in-house online games which offer slightly larger jackpots. The jackpot is still difficult to win, but it is a lot more likely you’ll win on them in comparison to the wide area machines.

Progressive slots do have a large following of players. If you’re looking to spend a few hours having fun and potentially winning good amounts of money then these are the games you should be focusing on. Varying fun themes accompany the games to keep you entertained. As a general rule, it’s a good idea to move on from one game or machine if playing offline if it hasn’t paid out in 15 minutes. The longer you play at a non-winning game, the more you will lose.

Please remember to play responsibly.

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