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A Recap of the 2015 Brit Awards

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016 / By

The Brit Awards are taking place this Wednesday in London, with some of your favourite A-List celebrities nominated and sitting in the audience it is hard to not get excited. It has recently been revealed that the performing artists this year are none other than, Rihanna, Justin Bieber and homegrown superstar Adele.


The BRIT Awards might be something you watch religiously every year, but for those who missed the ceremony last year we have put together a recap of some of the best/funniest moments that should never be forgotten from 2015.


The awards were hosted by Ant & Dec who were so excited to have a ‘Selfie’ with Kim Kardashian that they didn’t even realise that the screen was locked…

So that was a cool fail…best to hide away guys.


Kim K’s husband, Kanye West performed at the very end of the ceremony to which the network muted half of the song…so the whole performance was kind of pointless.


When Taylor Swift won her award she immediately thanked BFF Ed Sheeran…


Not entirely sure if his girlfriend was too happy about this.


It wouldn’t be a music award ceremony without Taylor Swift doing awkward dancing…


Who can forget the infamous fall of the great Madonna…it was the most unexpected surprise of the show when she got pulled down 3 steep steps, courtesy of her dancers. At least we now know, never to tie our capes too tight.


So the Brits 2016 is tomorrow night, we will be bringing you all the updates on Thursday of the cringeworthy moments that happen this year. If you want to know who is nominated for this years awards you can do by clicking here.

To celebrate just how weirdly wonderful the Brits 2015 really was we leave you with the highlights…

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