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06 Jun 2010   

Slots News: Casino News: Google TV coming to a screen near you

Soon you won’t have to just rely solely on us for Casino news, as Google have announced their next exciting innovation, Google TV.

Google’s biggest revenue earner has always been advertising and this new development will surely help to boost those profits as they bring their advertising to home television sets around the world.

So what will Google TV offer?

This exciting technology development will allow gaming enthusiasts to search for all their favourite games and sites in exactly the same way as they currently would via their computers but instead have the ease and comfort of using their television screens to do the searching for them instead of their laptops and of course there is the added bonus of being able to sit on the sofa with your feet up whilst your doing it.

Google has reported that this will be a joint venture with Sony and it is believed that Sony television set with the new integrated Google technology will be ready for sale as early as autumn 2010. Although the purchase price has yet to be agreed, it has been predicted that these units will fall within the price range of 200 – 300 USD although prices and supply dates to UK markets have yet to be established.

“We are very proud to be working with this distinguished set of partners, all of whom have decades of experience in hardware, design and retail.”
Eric Schmidt – Chairman, Google.

Logitech also plans to create a companion box to provide Google TV to all existing HDTV sets and incorporate both keyboard and remote control technology. The new box will also look to bring camera and chat functionality to viewers.

“We committed to Google TV early on because it aligns with our strategy to support open platforms that enable new immersive experiences in the digital living room. While Google TV enables seamless discovery of all your content, Logitech enables seamless control over how you experience that content. We look forward to continued collaboration with Google and the developer community to create new Google TV experiences that have yet to be imagined.”
Gerald Quindlen – President, Logitech.


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