01 April 2012

Slots News: WinADay Using Facebook to Canvass Players

WinADayCasino.com has looked to Facebook to decide the theme of its newest slot game: Using the Facebook Friends facility, the site – currently offering 29 completely unique slots – felt that the social networking site was the best place to question its players, who were also asked how many paylines they’d like the game to have, as well as what kind of bonus features.

Manager Michael Hilary is quoted as saying that the site has always been keen to interact with its players as much as possible, and that online social media have given them a perfect way to find out exactly what to provide. The wining idea turned out to be a family pet theme, voted for by one-third of the players that responded, with other popular suggestions including money, vampires and astrology.

Classic pub-style fruit slots also remain popular with the respondents – a fact borne out by the number of players flocking to the Fruitful 7s game, after its launch on the site last year.

This isn’t the first time WinADay have tried something like this: Last year they asked players to come up with a name for a new American-themed game, with the winning choice being Grand Liberty. For the site’s next slot, though, players have asked for a movie-themed game: This usually involves a tie-in with one of the major studios which doesn’t come cheap, so it’ll be interesting to see how WinADay respond …