14 April 2012

Slots News: Second Chance Chip Launched at Oasis

Slots Oasis have devised a revolutionary new idea to encourage players to leave their winnings deposited with their casino: Any cash won that’s pending withdrawal will be matched by the same amount if players decide to cancel the withdrawal. So, for example, if you win £50 on a slot jackpot and leave that £50 pending for withdrawal, and subsequently decide not to withdraw it, you’ll have an extra £50 to play with on top of the original win, totalling £100. Another way of putting it is that they’ll double your winnings if you don’t withdraw them.

The scheme applies to winnings generated from deposits made by credit or gift card, and the withdrawal will need to be worth at least £25. The bonus itself will be subject to a 30 times playthrough requirement, with not all games qualifying: Obviously site’s slot games will count towards redemption, however Baccarat, Craps, Roulette and other table games will not.

For player to access the Second Chance Chips they’ll need to contact a Slots Oasis Representative via the site’s contact screen as well, which will take time – so in reality it’s thought that many if not most players will simply find the process too much trouble to bother with.