17 Mar 2012   

Slots News: Multiplayer Slot Launch from Playtech

Playtech have launched their second multiplayer slot game with Everybody’s Jackpot. Players can now watch each other’s progress as well as conduct private and multi-player chat sessions whilst playing for a mystery progressive jackpot.

The game comes in a 9-reel 3 by 3 block format with a TV gameshow theme, and 8 paylines going horizontally, vertically and diagonally. Presided over by a duo of glamorous presenters, there’s a full array of features that players have come to expect as standard on video slot games including a scatter function that triggers 12 free spins, with the centre reel containing a wild symbol.

In order to qualify for the progressive prize, players must wager £50 or more within a period of 24 hours, and their progress towards this status is shown in a display next to the reelface that moves towards qualification in six stages. When the big prize is won, the player who triggered it gets 70% of the total, with 15% shared among the remaining players that have qualified and the rest dished out to all other players in proportion to the amounts they have wagered.

With online gaming making its way onto social media sites it’s no surprise that game designers are now starting to add increasing levels of player interactivity to their games, and pundits are predicting this game to become a huge hit for Playtech.