17 June 2010

Slots News: Internet Gambling branded illegal by Nevada Gambling Control Board member

A member of the Nevada gambling control board has released a letter claiming that the internet gambling is illegal.

Randall Sayer who released the letter, posted the report on to the Agencies website warning gambling licensees to not involve themselves with online operators who offer online gambling to residence of the US.

It is indeed illegal in the United States of America to take wagers from Americans but it should be highlighted that this law only affects online gambling operators who are located offshore.

The report focused on the relationship between Nevada’s non regulated licensees and internet gaming operators and highlighted the potential state and federal implications of these business relationships. It was further reported that the agency would be looking in to this further.

"Those activities that require board review and approval are being looked at more closely so that determinations can be made as to whether business relationships between Nevada licensees and Internet-based companies violate state and federal law/regulations”

This issue that Randall Sayer had highlighted came after the Nevada Gaming Control Board reported that they has begun an investigation on 2 poker companies, Full Tilt Poker.net and Poker Stars.net who have found themselves in hot water after they recently sponsored 2 poker events in Las Vegas. The trouble came about as both of these companies are registered outside of the UK

"The lack of federal criminal prosecutions under (the act) should not be interpreted by the gaming industry as a lack of interest by state and federal law enforcement and regulatory agencies on this issue,"

Overseas gaming companies are hoping for a rethink on the law that prevents them from offering online gaming to American customers. It is anticipated that Poker will be the first to be legalised although this remains to be seen, and if Randall Sayer’s letter is anything to go by, it doesn’t look like things will be favouring the Overseas companies for a while.